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Roof Repair

As your home ages, so does your roof and an older roof isn’t as good at protecting your home as it used to be.  You can start to see your shingles crack from the sun or they may even be missing because of storms.  You may not be ready to completely replace the roof, or it may not be in your budget this year.  You can, in many cases, repair the roof rather than replacing the whole thing. 



Our team will come and do an assessment of the damage to your roof and determine whether it can be repaired or a replacement is needed. 


Storm Damage

Canada has some brutal weather from the hailstorms we see here in Alberta to the heavy snow we get every winter, all of which can damage your roof. 


Leaky Roof

Over time shingles will start to curl andyou may even lose some of them during heavy winds.  That leaves you with a leaky roof that needs immediate repair. 


Curled & Broken Shingles

One of the most common signs that your roof is need of repair is when then shingles start curling or you have gaps on parts of your roof.  If you have traditional asphalt shingles on the roof, they will start to curl when the top layer gets damaged from UV rays from the sun.  The shingles start to get brittle and break and that allows water to seep through the roof and damage the wooden structure underneath.  As soon as you start to notice changes in color or curled shingles it is time to call a roofing expert to come and have a look. 

Storm Damage & Leaky Roofs

Canada has some pretty intense weather that can cause extensive damage to your home’s roof.  From the strong winds that can sweep through the area to hail storms to the heavy snow that comes with our winters.  All of it can cause damage to shingles and leaks that can damage the structure of your home.  Even a small leak that goes unnoticed can cause problems with the underlying structure of your roof.  Fortunately, Canadian Star Roofing is here to help.  We will do a thorough assessment and make sure that the roof is repaired correctly. 

Roof leaks are never going to happen at a convenient time, regardless of the timing you still need to make sure that the repairs get done as soon as possible.  A roofing company can help to mitigate any damage that has occurred, keep the repair costs low and prevent leaks from happening in the future.  Our first priority is always to stop water from getting into your home and causing more damage.  You can still have a leaky roof even without water dripping into your living room, you may notice paint bubbling or water stains, if you do then please contact Canadian Star Roofing for an assessment.  

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