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About Us

Canadian Star Roofing continues to grow everyday thanks to the confidence our clients have in us.

Safety Record

Safety is one of the highest priorities within our company, and the company will keep it that way.

Green Products

We strive to choose greener solutions to help do our part for the environment. 


A new roof can help reduce your energy bills, keeping warm air in during cold Canadian winters. 

High Integrity

We believe in treating our customers like family, doing what we say and charging a fair price. 

Cost-effective Roofing Solutions

Your roof is a big investment and we know that.  We can help you look for the best solution for your home.  If you just need a repair then one of our team will show you exactly where we are going to patch.  If you need your roof replaced then we will walk you through the process and suggest the most affordable solution for you. 

Industry Leading Products

The roofing industry is changing all the time and better, more effective materials are always coming on the market.  We balance cost affordable roofing solutions with only using some of the best materials on our clients’ homes.  The right materials can mean the difference between replacing your roof again in 10 years or 50 years.  Talk to us about what is best for your home.